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The Chicago Bulls are an iconic basketball franchise that was established in 1966. The team got off to a promising start, regularly qualifying for the playoffs, but after much of its early talent left the team, the Bulls slid into mediocrity through the early 1980s.


The team began its ascent to dominance after drafting basketball icon, Michael Jordan. Chicago Bulls Ticket Holders would flock to the United Center to witness Jordan’s seemingly-impossible slam dunks. Jordan won the NBA’s Rookie of the Year award in the 1984–1985 season, however his stellar individual play did not immediately translate to post-season success for the team.


In 1987, Chicago added forward Scottie Pippen, who perfectly complemented Jordan’s skills. Bringing on Phil Jackson as head coach shortly thereafter would be the missing piece that would lead to success.


In 1991, the Chicago Bulls defeated the Lakers to win their first NBA Championship. They repeated as champions in 1992 and 1993. The Bulls would three-peat again in 1996, 1997, and 1998, defeating the Utah Jazz each time. Many experts and analysts consider the 1996 Chicago Bulls to be the greatest team in NBA history.


The late 1990s would see Jordan retire and Pippen, Rodman, and coach Phil Jackson move on, which led to several losing seasons for the Bulls. A slow rebuilding process after the exits of this remarkable talent resulted in Chicago making regular appearances in the playoffs throughout the early 2000s and into the 2010s. The storied franchise has yet to come close to their 1990s-era of dominance, but Chicago Bulls Ticket Holders remain patient and loyal as they wait for their team to return to their winning ways. Chicago Bulls fans can get ticked to the United Center from Golden Tickets.

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